Opportunities in Lincolnshire

A collaborative project to highlight Lincolnshire career pathways and provide example session plans showcasing Lincolnshire careers resources.

Aims of the Materials

The material has been put together to showcase how Lincolnshire specific resources can be used in careers sessions. There is an expectation that teachers and advisers will take the suggestions as a starting point for creating their own sessions, either tweaked or changed significantly, as is appropriate.

Aims of the Sessions

To give students an overview of careers in Lincolnshire’s key employment sectors

To demonstrate the availability of higher-level career opportunities in these sectors

To challenge some possible preconceptions

To allow students to reflect knowledgeably on which careers they might consider

To encourage further research

Notes on Resources and Contacts

LMI is available in various forms from NOMIS. It is split down to district level. There is a good Confident Choices CPD webinar by Katya Bozukova of LORIC on how to create data. Find it on the website: www.confidentchoices.co.uk/resources


The DWP Schools’ Advisers can help with finding and using specific local information. Contact nicola.fox@dwp.gov.uk or angela.jenner@dwp.gov.uk for more help. 


The Greater Lincolnshire LEP World of Work website is a good source of videos introducing Lincolnshire careers. Ask your Enterprise Coordinator or natalie.poole@lincolnshire.gov.uk for more help finding similar information. 

LincHigher (www.linchigher.co.uk) can point you to course videos for a range of degree level studies. Contact ellis.potter@bishopg.ac.uk if you don’t know who your local LincHigher Officer is. 


Search YouTube for ‘Day in the life of…’ and there are many videos.  However, please check them first for appropriateness, objectivity and engagement. 

STEM Learning has a library of resources from both a local and a more national perspective. See STEM Careers in the Classroom for specific guidance and links to different job roles. Contact the Lincolnshire STEM Co-ordinators,  lesley.rollings@leics-ebc.org.uk, or joanna.winterbourne@leics-ebc.org.uk.

Lincolnshire Agricultural Society is creating a series of videos about jobs in the agribusiness sector. Rosie Crust is the Education Manager. Contact her at education@lincolnshireshowground.co.uk.

A good source of careers information is promotional videos by University departments. The example we use, from the University of Lincoln, shows how course introductions can also tell students a lot about careers. Watch it here.



Military Services websites and recruitment offices are an excellent source of information. Plus, by making contact you can arrange talks, presentations and attendance at career fairs.  They may also be an excellent link for careers in the curriculum.


The Army, RAF and Navy careers YouTube Channels or playlist are good sources of information as short clips and webinars.


The Red Arrows Engineer video from the LEP World of Work website is good stimulus material.


The Talent Academy put together the embedded video based upon a discussed brief. 


The Talent Academy is a superb source of careers information.  Its website has a wide range of summary information regarding all careers within Lincolnshire’s NHS and social care.  Refer to the ‘Our Partners’ page for more information. 

We would encourage colleagues to contact The Talent Academy via nhs.talent@ulh.nhs.uk or 'Contact' page for arranging a wide range of learning activities and promotion of the sector at careers fairs or similar. 

Students can register with the academy to organize work experience, and apply for apprenticeships and other vacancies. 

The LEP World of Work site has a Health and Social Care Sector section and the Work Resources page has a range of information.  Some notable videos are 'Paul and his Clinical Engineer Role' at Grantham Hospital and Social Change UK.

Professional Services

This is an area that covers the well-known and many less obvious employment options.

https://icould.com/ is a good source of generic material.

The World of Work | Greater Lincolnshire LEP > Opportunities is a good place for students to find out about the range of professional jobs available in Lincolnshire.

Engineering and Manufacturing

For national perspectives, https://www.stem.org.uk/ is a fantastic resource. There is less available locally, but STEM learning and Spark (with the LEP) are working on sessions products to be available soon.

The World of Work | Greater Lincolnshire LEP > Manufacturing & Engineering is one already available place to look.