• Confident Choices


Updated: Dec 10, 2020

On 14th October, Confident Choices helped lead a seminar at the 2020 Complete Careers Conference. The topic addressed was the critical one of establishing and articulating the intent of a careers programme.

Attending the conference alongside dedicated Careers Leaders – many from Lincolnshire – was a privilege and it was great to hear from David Andrews in what was, probably, one of his last public talks. He gave a wonderful overview of careers education and challenged us all in our practice by so doing. Let us hope his optimism about the future is correct, and his prescription for it is adopted. There were other really useful presentations from Rachel Green of the Careers and Enterprise Company and from Ryan Gibson of Academies Enterprise Trust. The presentations are available at https://complete-careers.com/conference-2020/.

During the Confident Choices workshop, we made the point that any careers intent must start from an understanding of what the students in the school need from it: which skills, what knowledge and, crucially, what confidence. Thus, the Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework for the curriculum, but they do not show a careers leader which elements of the curriculum should be emphasised. Similarly, the CDI framework is an excellent way of understanding the skills and knowledge that young people need to manage their career journey, but it is necessary to know which of the 17 areas are most relevant to the students in each school.

When articulating the intent, the Ofsted handbook has sensible questions to answer. Use it not because you must, but because it is helpful.