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We have been delighted with the development of our Special School and Alternative Provider clusters. They will be a growing source for schools to access good ideas and resource recommendations. We recognise, however, that there is a need to learn from the best outside the county and so, on March 9th, we organised our first SEND Careers Conference.

The quality of the presentations was uniformly high. Topics covered varied from national update to how to engage parents, with programme planning and organising work experience covered in between. The focus was on the learner and their potential, with inspirational case studies and practical ideas interwoven.

Over 40 delegates signed up, but the conference timing, on the second day of school’s return, turned out to be challenging. We were pleased, therefore, that 30 attended. Those who were busy testing and those who simply missed the opportunity can see both the slides and the recording of the talk on this site – accessible from our resources page. We were delighted with comments from delegates, which showed the usefulness of the event:

Just wanted to say thank you for organising the conference yesterday. I really enjoyed every aspect, and it was great to attend a careers conference aimed solely at pupils with additional needs.

I have found this so interesting, I worked for Lincolnshire County Council as a job coach and have done some training through BASE. I'm now wondering why I left! Keep up the amazing work you all.

Thank you for a really useful day.

Confident Choices is a framework based on the value of collaboration. It is good therefore that this event itself was the result of collaboration. It was jointly organised by Scott Eley, of the Lincolnshire County Council SEND Employment Project, by Richard Hughes, the Confident Choices Project Lead and by Emily Wilson, of Lincolnshire Teaching School Together. But, more significantly, it brought together great speakers who are working every day to make a difference to young people’s futures.

The Conference Agenda